Why The CBD Flavor is Our Focus

CBD isn’t new; it’s only new to us. It’s relation to marijuana kept it out of the hands of the consumers until it was legalized nationwide in 2018. 

CBD is not psychoactive like it’s cousin THC, so that makes it the perfect choice for people seeking alternate therapeutic solutions to their ailments. CBD can now be found just about anywhere these days. People are adding it to all types of food due to the fact it has very few side effects. Whether you add it to food or take it in the form of oil, the taste and flavor of CBD is essential for customer satisfaction, so companies are finding ways to make it more palatable for consumers. 

How Does CBD Taste?

CBD naturally has a strong “earthy” taste and smell because it is rich in terpenes. Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds found in plants that are responsible for the way plants taste and smell. They are the reason that your mouth starts to water when you smell a fresh, juicy orange. Terpenes are a much needed and important part of our lives.

However, what if your desired food doesn’t have a very good natural taste? Removing the terpenes can drastically decrease or remove the taste of unwanted flavors. The strong taste of CBD can give it a medicinal vibe making it unenjoyable to consume daily. Terpene free CBD is gaining popularity in the food industry because it can be added to foods without changing the original taste of the classic foods we all love.

Extracting the Terpenes

The flavor of CBD oil mainly depends on the amount of terpene it contains. CBD is extracted from hemp in oil form before it is manufactured into other products. The extracted form then goes through the distillation process to prepare it for manufacturing. It is during the process of distillation that terpenes are extracted so that the “earthy” taste is removed to enjoy the finished CBD product. There are several different processes of distillation with ethanol and carbon dioxide being two of the most widely used methods. Caprock Farms uses the ethanol extraction method to generate the best tasting CBD around!

Why Do We Focus on Flavor?

At Caprock Farms, we place a major focus on the flavor of our CBD because of our personal experience. 

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, but to be honest, it was our satisfaction that started our quest for good flavor. Our first taste of CBD was not a pleasant experience, and we began to worry about selling something that tasted so bad! We were newbies and knew nothing about how terpenes could affect the taste. As we gained experience, we learned that terpene free CBD products were more our speed, so we took that path when creating our product. 

We start with a terpene free raw product that tastes great all on its own. When we add flavoring, it is to enhance an already great tasting product instead of trying to cover up or mask bad flavors. Focusing on flavor is our guarantee that taking Caprock Farms will be an enjoyable experience.

Choosing the Right CBD Flavor

How do you choose between all the available flavors when you don’t know where to start? We suggest sticking with flavor groups you know you already like. Caprock Farms offers a variety of flavors from each of the major flavor groups, which you can find more on here. Still not sure? We also offer samples of our flavors to help you decide if you’re still on the fence. Caprock Farms’ variety of flavors will guarantee you a quality experience.

For more information on Caprock Farms, including wholesale and white label opportunities, visit us here.



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