Three Types of CBD Oil

What’s the difference? What is isolate? What’s in this bottle? Today, with CBD being everywhere, common questions are arising about the different types of oil on the market. These variations are not trivial and can be important information when determining what type is best for you. 

What Determines Each Type of Oil?

In the beginning, all CBD is created equal. The three types of CBD are determined by what cannabinoids remain after each step of the refinement process. So, to explain the three types, we need to first touch on how CBD is extracted from the plant. 

As the hemp plant grows, trichomes begin to appear on the flowers and leaves. Trichomes are microscopic resin glands that produce cannabinoids like CBD. The hemp is harvested, and the cannabinoid-rich trichomes are extracted into crude oil. It isn’t until the next step, the distillation process when the three different types of CBD begin to emerge. 

The crude oil is heated to separate different components, and each step filters out unwanted compounds yielding a different product. Products of the distillation process are distinguished from what compounds are present in each product.

Full Spectrum Oil

Full Spectrum Oil is what surfaces after the first step of distillation. This oil is as close to natural as it gets and usually is amber in color. It has minimal compounds that are taken out of it, which gives you the full range of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. It will have trace amounts of THC (less than 0.03), but not enough to get you high. 

Broad-Spectrum Oil

Broad-spectrum oil is the next type of CBD that emerges as the oil continues through the distillation process and has a golden color. If you want to experience the effects of CBD without the worry of THC, then broad-spectrum CBD is the type for you. Broad-spectrum has had the majority of THC removed (less than 0.03% remaining), but all of the cannabinoids remain to give the same effect as the full-spectrum option. Sometimes the flavonoids and terpenes are also extracted, which is the oil we prefer here at Caprock Farms. This improves the flavor, and to us, that is very important. 

Isolate Oil

Isolate is what materializes if the oil goes through the end of the distillation process. A process called chromatography strips away everything except for the molecule itself. The further the oil travels through the process, the more isolated the molecule becomes. Eventually, all that is left is the molecule itself. Hence why it is named CBD Isolate, this is the purest form of CBD, and it is in powder form by this point. 

What Type of Oil is Best For You?

So, how do you know what oil is best for you? Every person is different, so you should analyze your current situation when making this decision. Having three types of CBD oil to choose from gives people a variety of options when it comes to the CBD that will serve their needs the best. For more information on the different types of CBD oil, visit here.

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