Simple Pricing: Bringing Trust To A Vague Industry

Why is CBD Oil So Expensive?

For everyone involved in CBD, there is a general consensus that the market is not without its challenges and one of them is pricing. Over the years, the cost of CBD oil has varied from one retailer to another and from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are numerous factors involved in the price of CBD. Caprock Farms created a clear pricing structure to bring transparency to the CBD industry. And, we offer up to 30% off the retail price for our wholesale partners. Check out our wholesale program and sign-up today!

Let’s take a look at why CBD Oil can be expensive.

Crop Expense

Hemp is an expensive crop to grow. The addition of a new crop involves a great deal of time and investment in new equipment and techniques. There are new government programs and requirements to navigate as well as understanding new growth patterns and implementing new cultivation methods. The cost further increases as the price of fuel and labor are added into the equation along with licensing and certification fees. When you factor in weather and the chances of crop loss, the reality is that growing hemp is a costly and risky endeavor for any farmer. 

The high cost of harvesting and extraction

Harvesting and extraction are also major contributors to the high price of CBD oil. Depending on conditions, some hemp crops must be harvested by hand while others need to be handled by specialized equipment. Acquiring this specialized equipment is a major expense. Once harvested, the hemp must go through an extraction process so that the cbd can be separated from the plant. Extraction operations use state-of-the-art equipment that can run into the millions of dollars. 

Third-party lab testing

The industry practice of carrying out independent, third-party laboratory testing for every batch of CBD oil products is another expense accumulated as the CBD makes its way to store shelves. This process is needed to ensure quality so that worthy products are created for the consumer. 

How Our Pricing Structure Differs

Whether you’re buying CBD for the first time or if you are just researching new CBD alternatives, Caprock Farms is here to help by offering an honest and simple pricing system for all of our products. Our oils are priced at per milligram no matter the strength, with no extra costs or hidden fees. Honest pricing is just another way for Caprock Farms to strive towards customer satisfaction. When it’s time to make that next purchase, buy your CBD from a company you can trust!

As mentioned in our post about selling CBD and what to look for when selecting the right products, many consumers think that a high price is a good indication of a quality product. But how do you know the quality of your CBD product is worth the price tag? Here are a few additional ways on how to make sure you’re getting a quality CBD product


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