What to Look For When Selecting the Right CBD Product

The CBD industry is growing rapidly, resulting in an influx of companies having entered the market over the past few years. This results in an increasing number of choices when it comes to choosing the right CBD product. So how do you choose products for your customers from such a vast sea of choices? Let’s take a look at some of the things to think about when choosing which products to offer your customer base. 

Wide Range of Flavors

Flavor, Flavor, Flavor! Flavors are essentially the sensory impressions we experience when consuming foods and beverages. First impressions are critical when wanting to develop a loyal customer base. Offering flavored oils serves as a way for your customers to customize their CBD experience and keep them coming back for more. Providing several choices of flavors across many flavor groups will appeal to a wide range of tastes and won’t break your budget! Here are some examples of flavor choices that will keep your inventory diverse:

  • Citrus flavors

What makes a mouth water more than the sweet and sour, fresh crispness of a citrus flavor? Offering a range of citrus flavors like orange and lemon-lime  will give your inventory a definite boost. Flavors like Pink Lemonade and Green Apple can provide a refreshing twist on an old original to help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Berry flavors

From strawberries to raspberries to blueberries, everybody loves berries. The sweet yet sharp taste of berry flavors makes them unique and they blend well with other flavors. Berry flavors can be strong or subtle which make them an excellent addition to your flavor inventory. There’s a berry flavor for everyone! Think about adding some unique flavors like Blue Raspberry and Sweet Sangria to up your flavor game!

  • Spicy flavors

Offering some choices from this category is great for the customers who prefer something other than sweet flavors. The winner in this category is almost always Cinnamon. This sharp, hot spice has enough bite to awaken any taste bud and leave it with a refreshing, clean taste experience. Peppermint is another flavor that can be added to satisfy customers searching for a more bold taste experience.  

Quality Guarantee

When looking for a source for CBD products, there are certain things to keep in mind when considering a company’s focus on quality:

  • Know your CBD brand

Consider the company itself.  How is their customer service? Do they have a friendly, knowledgeable sales staff ready for your many questions? What are their policies on customer satisfaction? You want to choose a company with a great product that flies off your shelves, speedy customer service, and provides support for the growing needs of your business. From farm to bottle, Caprock Farms knows what goes into a premium quality CBD product and with our dedicated [wholesaler program] we can help bring the best CBD oil to your customers!

  • Pricing options

This is a bit tricky. Pricing might be an indication of good quality but this is not always the rule. Make it your goal to deal with CBD products that strike a perfect balance between pricing and quality. Caprock Farms offers simplicity and transparency on pricing vs. quality in our Simple Pricingblog.

  • Try out samples pre-purchase if possible

You might want to buy sample sizes of CBD products and try them out before ordering larger quantities. Try before you buy so that you know what you are providing to your customers. How does it taste? Would you buy it again? Most CBD customers say that taste is the deciding factor in their product decision and if it tastes bad they won’t become part of that returning customer base you are working so hard to build. Caprock Farms knows that taste matters, which is why we’ve created a wide range of flavors to meet all of your customers’ needs. Check out our available flavors [here]

  • Focus on quality products made with pure, natural ingredients

It makes sense that the effectiveness of a product depends on the ingredients used. As such, ensure the CBD oil products you are buying or selling have pure, natural ingredients.  What’s in it? The ingredients of a product can directly determine its effectiveness. 

Strength of the CBD oil

Stocking something for everyone may seem overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Strength is another important factor in the sale and use of CBD products. Your customers come to you with many different needs and having a variety of strengths is important for customer satisfaction. Potency and pricing normally go hand in hand. Offering a lower potency is good for beginners or someone needing an affordable option. Higher potency options are good for the customer that wants a stronger product that produces their desired results. If your budget doesn’t allow for providing multiple strengths, investing in a low and a high potency is a great place to start. 

Where the product is sourced 

Whether you are a reseller, an educator, or a user of CBD products, it’s always good to know the background and history of your product. Ask questions! Quality companies will always be glad to answer any questions regarding their product source. 

We know the CBD industry can be very challenging and competitive, but Caprock Farms is here to help by bringing better taste and more quality to your customers! 

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