Ins and Outs of Creating a Tagline for Your CBD Business

Does your CBD business have a tagline? A tagline is a slogan or catchphrase that many people will associate your business with that can help you stand out! 

How do you develop a successful and effective tagline for your CBD business? Following are a few tips!

Why a Tagline For Your CBD Business is Important

Since the CBD industry is vast and growing, there is a considerable amount of competition who are offering similar products. So, it begs the question, how can you help consumers to remember your business? By using a tagline to set you apart from the others!

A tagline is a short set of words that help consumers recall your business. Think of something you want your team to rally behind, as well as your customers. That is why it is important that your tagline reflects your business’s culture and personality. Make it something that both your team and customers will gravitate towards.

Our tagline is, “Farm-to-Bottle Freshness!” How does this relate to Caprock Farms? Most importantly it describes who we are and what we value. We have been in the agriculture business for more than 25 years so we understand the importance of providing our customers with a quality product. We also understand that knowing the source of a product is important to today’s consumer. Knowing where the hemp in your bottle was grown is essential for a number of reasons. To learn more about the importance of using quality domestic hemp, check out our blog.  

Let’s look into other industry examples and tagline tips!

Consider These Tagline Tips

Creating a tagline can be a challenging endeavour. With some guidance and structure, creating a tagline can be a worthwhile investment for your business. Here are some tips for creating a tagline for your CBD Business.

  • Make Sure Your Tagline Has Personality: When it comes to taglines, the best ones reflect the personality of a business. Don’t take yourself too seriously! When have you ever remembered a slogan that was boring? Probably, never. Your CBD business may benefit from having a little bit of wittiness or originality in its tagline.
  • Keep it Simple: Some of the most memorable taglines are also some of the most simple ones. Why? Because they’re easy to remember! For example, almost everyone knows that Nike’s tagline is “Just Do It.” Simple, direct and motivating! Taglines don’t always have to be complicated.
  • Make It Stick: A tagline can say anything, but that doesn’t necessarily mean people are going to be able to recall it. If you created a tagline saying, ”Our CBD is the best,” odds are, every CBD business thinks that! Therefore, think of something creative and relevant to your CBD business to make it stick. Whether it is about promoting great service, or taste, make it unique to your business. That way, when people see that tagline, they think of you!
  • Make Sure It’s Relevant: Always keep in mind when you are creating a tagline, that it needs to be relevant to your business. Think about what you do, what you offer and what makes you different. Those answers are the start of a great tagline!
  • Make It Engaging: One of the most important things to consider when making your tagline is the customers. Show the value you bring to them. Once you find the value that other CBD businesses don’t have, you can use it to draw customers to you. 

When and How to Use Your Tagline Effectively

To make an impression on your customers, use your tagline as a way for them to remember you. Don’t overuse your tagline, but purposeful placement in a marketing or branding strategy can make it very effective!

Consistency is key. Don’t push your tagline for the first month and then quit using it. In order to subconsciously get your customers or prospects to remember your brand, use it consistently in your marketing strategy.


The most important thing to remember is that a tagline will set you apart from your competitors and provide more value if it’s created with intention and used effectively. Having a way to stand out in the CBD industry is critical if you want to increase your brand awareness and a great tagline is the way to start! 



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