Hiring the Right Employee for Your CBD Shop

Are you hiring for a CBD shop, but don’t know where to start? There are many important things to consider when hiring the right employee. 

Following are a few tips to vetting the right person for your CBD business.

Prepare for the Interview

Imagine conducting an interview you’re not adequately prepared for – You probably wouldn’t get the answers you need to evaluate the candidate. So, prepare, prepare, prepare! Write a list of questions you want to ask the candidates before the interview and stay consistent with each applicant. The questions should be relevant and provide insight into how the person works and thinks.

Here are some questions you should consider when trying to hire the right employee.

What Does The Candidate Know About Working in The CBD Industry?

A candidate who possesses the knowledge and experience of working in a CBD shop has a good head start over one who doesn’t. They can easily jump into the role that they applied for without much difficulty. Not only that, but they may also have some ideas to improve your business. I think we can all agree that every company has room for improvement. 

Are They Trainable?

Finding a candidate that is willing to learn can be just as valuable as someone with experience. Trainable employees are a good asset for any company, not just a CBD shop, as a trainable employee can adapt to any change. Hiring someone who knows how to perform a variety of duties in your business is a great advantage. 

Will They Fit in With The Company Culture?

Culture is very important. The productivity of a company can be dependent on positive work culture. The candidate you hire should understand your company culture and have similar standards for themselves. Be sure the new employee will be compatible with your current employees.

What Do They Know About The Policies of CBD Products?

CBD policies differ from state to state, so having an employee who keeps up with those policies and is pretty knowledgeable about them is advantageous. Policies change from time to time, so if a candidate knows about the latest policy updates, it means they are prepared and eager. 

Why Did They Apply?

Getting to know why a candidate applied to the job you are offering is a must. Knowing their intentions lets you know if they are serious about working with your CBD shop. No business wants someone who lacks the passion and drive to help your business reach its goals. 

If We Gave You The Chance to Change One Thing About Our Business, What Would it Be?

This question gets your candidates out of their comfort zone by making them think. Their responses will let you know about any potential ideas they can contribute to your company and if they can think outside the box.

What’s The Biggest Challenge They’ve Faced in The Workplace?

Asking your candidates about how they’ve dealt with work issues lets you know how they work under stressful situations. You want someone who can work well under pressure and push through any challenges they may encounter working in your CBD shop. 

What Are Their Goals?

As a recruiter, you should understand what your potential employee’s goals are. People who have big goals are more passionate about the job, which makes them valuable assets to the company. It is also very beneficial if their goals are to grow with your CBD business.

What Questions Will They Ask?

At the end of the interview, what kind of questions does the candidate have for you? You can get a feel of who your candidate is and if they are serious about the job based on the questions they’ve prepared. A candidate who is just in it to make a paycheck is not the person you want on your team.

Don’t Solely Focus On Their Past Experience 

Don’t let job experience make or break a candidate from getting the job. Are there benefits to hiring someone with experience selling CBD? Absolutely! But, what if the candidate doesn’t have experience and still has a great work ethic and qualities for the position? 

The point is, getting to know the capabilities of a candidate from their previous experience is just as important as evaluating if they’ve worked with CBD before. 

Focus on the unique abilities of the candidate. What can they bring to the table that your shop doesn’t have? If you think the candidate has the potential to greatly help your CBD shop, even without the necessary experience, consider hiring them.



Hiring a qualified candidate for your CBD shop is very important. Make sure you’re prepared and asking the right questions!

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