CBD Shop: Choosing The Right Wholesale Partner

CBD is a popular product that has experienced huge growth in sales in recent years. The CBD market is projected to be worth as much as 20 billion by 2024! Due to these reports, many retailers are finding themselves trying to stock up on CBD products. However, they should be wary about the CBD products they are stocking up on because there is a rise in low quality, fake CBD hitting the market. This is all the more reason to make sure that you’re choosing the right CBD wholesaler, so you know you’re getting the best quality at the best price.

Advantages of Using a CBD Wholesale Provider

There are many advantages to why you should be using a CBD wholesale provider. One of the biggest advantages and the most obvious one is the cost. As a CBD shop, purchasing in larger quantities will help you save money which can definitely benefit your profit margins. With Caprock Farms’ wholesale program, there are low minimum thresholds and even bigger discounts for larger bulk orders. The initial investment might be more on the front end but the cost per item is much cheaper than at a retail price. You will benefit financially from purchasing CBD in bulk and Caprock Farms specializes in partnering with businesses just like yours! Learn more about the advantages of partnering with a CBD wholesale provider here.

Qualities of a Good CBD Wholesale Provider

Make sure that your wholesale provider’s CBD is of the highest quality. But, how? Purchasing CBD in bulk saves you money, but it is not worth it if the product itself is of a lower quality. Some qualities of a good CBD wholesale provider include:

  • Conducting Third-Party Lab Testing. Their willingness to show you their test results is a good indication that their CBD is of the highest quality. You can check to see if their CBD is within the legal limit and these tests will also detect any unwanted foreign matter that is present. If they check all of these marks, then it’s safe to say that their CBD quality is good!
  • Use Domestic Hemp Resources. You want to partner with a wholesaler that uses US-based domestic resources for their hemp. Ask upfront where their hemp is grown. If they don’t know, this is a definite red flag. This is very important because foreign grown hemp can have harmful contaminants and heavy metals. Since Caprock Farms is farm-to-bottle, there is no need to worry about the quality of your products when we already have that covered for you! To learn more about why it’s important to know the resource for your hemp check out our blog here.
  • An assortment of CBD Products at a Competitive Price. Does the wholesaler have the right product for you? Compared to other companies, are they selling it at a good price? These questions are important to ask to determine if they’re a quality fit for your CBD shop.
  • Consistent Customer Service. Ask yourself questions like, is the wholesaler knowledgeable? Are they responsive? Will they be available to you for questions later? What is their shipping process like, is it a quick turnaround for you to get your product in a reasonable time frame? What is their return policy? Great customer service is worth paying for, so make sure to ask the right questions!

Finding the right CBD wholesale provider will benefit your business in selling good tasting, high-quality CBD. CBD is not cheap, so customers will look for a CBD shop they can trust to have reliable, quality products.

So, how do you go about making sure your CBD wholesale provider is all about delivering high quality? Ask the right questions! We go into more depth on product assortment, shipping and quality in the section below!

What Questions to Ask a CBD Wholesale Provider?

  1. What CBD products are you offering? 

Depending on what products you’re looking to add to your CBD shop, this will help you understand if they have a wide selection of products to choose from. If the wholesale provider has a small selection but they’d be a good partner, check to see if they have any additional products in the works. They may not stock what you’re after but are willing to carry it if there is a market for it. Being selective with your wholesale provider’s will benefit you, so finding the ones who are willing to work to provide you with a broad range of product selection is a positive!

  1.  How is the quality of your CBD products?

As we mentioned earlier, if they provide you with the third-party lab results, then the quality will be apparent! Another way to gauge this question is, if the CBD wholesale provider is apprehensive about answering quality control questions or giving you the information you need, consider that a red flag. A trust-worthy wholesale provider will be happy to answer all your questions with no hesitation.

  1. What is the pricing of your CBD products? 

Once you know what selection they have and the quality, you can start thinking about price. Make sure that their prices are reasonable and appropriate for the quality of the product. Don’t worry too much about paying a little bit more for a product that you know is higher quality. 

  1. How is your shipping and handling process?

If their shipping process takes too long, then try looking at other options. Having a steady and reliable supply of CBD coming in ensures that you are always stocked with the products your customers want. Make sure your provider will get you your CBD products in a timely manner. 


There are many factors that come into play when thinking about which CBD wholesale provider you should choose. It may even be a bit confusing, but with the right questions and knowledge, you should be able to choose the right one for your shop.



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