CBD Packaging: Design Matters!

Think about the many times you’ve been out shopping, and something catches your eye. Why is that? Because the packaging was designed to grab your attention! This same practice applies to CBD packaging as well.

CBD has turned into quite a booming industry in recent years. It seems like many new CBD businesses are opening weekly. This means that your CBD business has to find ways to stand out amongst the others. The most successful CBD businesses strive for their strong brand identity. Your CBD packaging is a crucial part of your success as a business.

What Goes into Designing Product Packaging?

There are quite a few things that go into designing packaging for a CBD product. Of course, you want your packaging to follow state laws, but there are a few other things to think about.

Before even designing your product packaging, you have to know what type of products you are selling. Obviously, you’re going to be selling CBD products, but they come in different varieties. First, find out what type of packaging you want to use for the different varieties of CBD products you’ll be offering. From there, you can start designing your packaging. It’s important that for every new product you add to the line-up that the design and containers look well together and that your branding seamlessly flows from one product to the next.

Another important thing that goes into designing product packaging is your target audience. What are the demographics of your customers? Are they drawn to a luxury brand or a trendy minimalist design? Knowing your customer base is a key component in designing your packaging. If you can’t catch their eye, you won’t be selling them anything.

For example, luxury packaging may have a more sophisticated feel with a sleek look. As for a trendy design, this packaging may be more colorful and playful, depending on the current design trends. Also, think about the longevity of your design. Can your color choice, font, and design grow with your brand? Or will it become too outdated? Create branding that attracts your target audience and stay consistent to build brand recognition!

How Can Packaging Help Your CBD Business?

Packaging of a product serves many purposes. It can attract and inform customers, protect the product, and help differentiate your brand. Let’s go into a bit more detail.

Packaging has been used to attract customers for many decades. People have always subconsciously responded to visual stimuli. In fact, a study found that attractive and high quality looking packaging activated more intense brain activity in the area of the brain that is associated with impulsivity. This is the opposite of less attractive or neutral packaging, which didn’t activate as much of the same part of the brain. The same study also found that attractive packaging triggered the brain’s reward responses, and unattractive packaging triggered more negative emotions. Having attractive, high-quality packaging for your CBD products tells your customers that your product is of a higher quality, which can lead to trust.

Packaging can also inform your customers. Many customers are people who’ve never used a CBD product before. They want to know what your CBD products contain and their purpose. This is your chance to educate these customers about your product, industry, and brand. A good CBD business wants to inform prospective customers about their products to help them reach a decision.

Of course, you want your packaging to protect your product. CBD businesses that offer to ship need to make sure their packaging is designed to secure the product from damage. What happens if your packaging is poorly designed? Customers may not want to purchase from you if they’re consistently receiving damaged goods. You want your customers to enjoy your products and not worry about if they’ll arrive in one piece or get damaged on the drive back home.

As you can see, your product packaging plays a huge role in your CBD business’s success. Make sure to invest the necessary time and money to make sure you end up with the best CBD packaging for your business.

Navigating the Muddy Waters of CBD Labels

There are some important elements to take note of when designing your CBD packaging. Since our industry does not have set regulations for packaging, it is wise to follow your state’s suggested guidelines when designing your packaging. In the CBD business, an incomplete label can get you in a lot of hot water with the FDA, so make sure you have it right before rolling out your product! 

  • Identify exactly what your CBD product is to avoid confusion. The CBD industry has a reputation for irresponsible packaging, so we should all work to change this perspective by following the label guidelines put forth by each state. 
  • List all ingredients, and it is best practice to list the amount of CBD or other cannabinoids included in each product.
  • Include the Net weight/Quantity of your CBD product.
  • Add QR codes and a website address.
    • A growing number of states mandates that CBD labels have a QR code link or website address linked to a document containing pertinent manufacturing and hemp source information. Linking the QR code to the Certification of Analysis (COA) for that particular product is a good way to cover most state’s label requirements. COA’s have the batch date, batch number, and ingredients.
  • Remember to list your business name, location, and where the product was manufactured and tested. 


CBD packaging is a significant part of your CBD business. Don’t overlook packaging as it might just give your business the edge to help it stand out from the rest!

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