CBD Industry: Why Partner With Wholesalers?

Cost Savings

The first and most important reason is cost. Breaking into the CBD industry can be expensive. Many of the processes to get the CBD product from farm to bottle are extremely complex and costly. For retailers, the cost of creating a CBD product is not ideal. Whether you’re a CBD provider or just looking to add CBD to a product line in your shop, using a wholesaler would be beneficial.

Using a wholesaler can cut costs dramatically for you. As a retailer, you would not have to formulate and produce the CBD yourself. If you used a wholesaler, you’d simply acquire the product and add it to your shelves.

Our CBD Wholesaler Partner Benefits

Caprock Farms created an entire dedicated program to meet the needs of our wholesale partners. Following are several benefits that Caprock Farms can offer you:

  • Up to a 30% discount on regular retail priced product
  • Very low minimum order quantities
  • Flexibility to meet your particular situational needs
  • Discounts on higher order quantities
  • No monthly requirements

We also pride ourselves on building trust between our partners with our quality guarantee and honest pricing structure.

Branding and Marketing Material

Another bonus to partnering with wholesalers is gaining access to branding and marketing material. This can be especially helpful when dealing with any legal requirements. With regulations and ambiguity of the CBD industry, having people with insight on the processes and regulations can assist to guide you in the right direction. Additionally, wholesale partners who know the industry and what consumers are interested in, can help your business find the best ways to keep bottles flying off the shelves.

Caprock Farms is here to help you expand your business with better quality and tasting CBD oil. The quality of Caprock Farms will surely catch the attention of your customers. We offer a tastier product with no bitter aftertaste or strong flavor. If you’re interested, we offer samples so you can see the quality and taste of our products yourself. We are sure you will want to become a partner after tasting our product. Join our wholesale program today!



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