CBD Business 10 Step Holiday Checklist

The holiday season is always one of the busier and stressful times for businesses. Not to mention the added factor of COVID-19. There are new things that your business has to consider when dealing with a potential influx of customers during the holiday season, like following guidelines from state and federal governments. Fortunately, your CBD business can still have a successful holiday season with the right adapting and planning.

How Shops Should Adapt This Year

This holiday season will be unlike any other year that we have experienced. This is why you must learn to adapt to the changing economic climate. Here are some ways your CBD business can adapt this year. 

Shift Your Business Online

This doesn’t mean that you should close down your CBD retail store. It just means that your business should be able to operate online as well. If you can pack and ship your products to your customers, work remotely, and provide a good customer experience throughout, then your CBD business should definitely look into this method.

Let Your Customers Know You Appreciate Them

During these times of trying to minimize contact with people, it can be hard to provide your customers’ personal shopping experience. Just because you don’t see them as much, or in some cases at all, doesn’t mean that they should be neglected. A simple thank you to each of your customers will go a long way. Make your customers feel appreciated and acknowledged. 

New Ways to Make a Purchase

Before the current COVID-19 epidemic, your CBD business more than likely had the majority of your customers shop in-store. Unfortunately, that practice has to be more regulated now to reduce human contact, so looking into new ways to fulfill orders is a smart move. A lot of businesses are benefiting from online orders and a pick-up option.

Take Your Business Experience Outside of the Store

Due to the limited capacity of people allowed into stores at one time, it may be difficult to satisfy all of your customers. Bringing parts of your store experience outside can help in that aspect. Set up a tent outside to tend to your customers while waiting to get inside your store. Small changes like this can leave a good impression on your customers!

Adapting to the current economic environment is important to the success of your CBD business. Staying complacent with the way your business has operated before COVID can be a recipe for failure.

10 Step Checklist

Now that you know what parts of your CBD business need to adapt, it’s time to mark off your checklist to prepare for holiday shoppers. These shoppers are looking for the best deals, so if you have a good promotion going on, then get ready! Here is a 12-step checklist to ensure that you are ready for the holiday season.

1. Mark Important Holidays

Don’t just focus typically on Black Friday. It would help if you also kept in mind other important days such as Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. Knowing what dates you have to prepare for will enable you and your team to be prepared.

2. Analyze Previous Holiday Sales

You must analyze how your sales went during the last holiday season. What products sold well? Which deals did more customers take advantage of? You can take this information and use it when deciding what sales and promotions you will have for this holiday season.

3. Select Your Sales and Promotional Offers

An important part of customers’ holiday shopping experience is finding the best deals for their favorite products. In this case, your CBD business should have an enticing sale with a percentage off of certain CBD products. Sales and promotions like these can get more customers to your business come the holiday season. 

4. Make Sure You are Stocked with Products

Losing a sale simply because you ran out of a product can be frustrating. This is why you should make sure that you have enough of every necessary product to meet demand. This can limit the possibility of missing out on a sale.

5. Make Sure All Parts of Your CBD Business is Working Properly

You have to make sure that everything in your CBD store is running properly and the online version of it as well. Many customers will likely be shopping online this year, which means you might have to deal with more than usual traffic. This can lead to slow loading times and various bugs and glitches, which will drive customers away. Do your due diligence before this happens!

6. Start Planning Your Marketing Strategy

After marking down what days you will be offering sales and discounts, it is time to start planning your marketing strategy. Marketing is an important part of holiday shopping. Your customers need to know when you have certain sales and deals. Make sure that your strategy includes informing customers on upcoming deals and promotions. Think about what channels you will be using to get information and content to customers. 

7. Schedule Beforehand

Make sure your team members put down what times they are available to work during the holidays. You can’t expect just one person from your team to hold down the fort while everyone else is gone on break. Start scheduling ahead of time to make sure your CBD business is properly staffed.

8. Create and Invest in Some Holiday Graphics

It’s the holidays, so ensure that your CBD business makes it feel like so. Invest in some decorations for your store, and add holiday graphics to your website. Make both outlets welcoming to your customers. 

9. Announce Deadlines

Announcing deadlines for sales and promotions lets customers know when to act on certain CBD products. As the timer ticks ever so close to 0, they might be more inclined to purchase the product while on sale, especially if they try to get it before their own personal deadlines.

10. Make Sure to Look After Your Team

Your team members will be working hard during the holidays, so ensure that you are properly rewarding them. Offer rewards and incentives, such as getting lunch delivered, to let them know that you are thinking about them and appreciate the work they are doing.


Preparing for the holiday shopping season can be a stressful time for many businesses. Fortunately, if you have the right plan set in place, everything should run as smoothly as possible! Are you prepared for the holiday shopping season?

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